Sunday, April 15, 2012

I'm a Certified BAREFOOT RUNNER Now!

Earth Run , April 15, 2012, Bonifacio Global City
The day I’ve been recognized as a certified barefoot runner! Run 10km in throughout the finish line is so excited! Had only 1 training of 4km last Wednesday before the race itself. Coach Mike Logico implies all the rules. I’m new on this but as what it always say – “nothing is impossible” so I did!

Happy to met all my running friends there and to mention all of the barefoot runners who are they to cheer me up! I’m the only girl who run barefoot on that event. Happy, proud, satisfied with the result!

Thank you everyone for the support, for the cheers and for the love you’ve shown me. Thank you Almighty God for the strength and ability to do great things. I love you all.Barefoot Dianne

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