Sunday, May 27, 2012

Greenfield City Run 2012 - My First 21K Barefoot

Greenfield City Run - Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Laguna - May 27, 2012.

 My first ever 21k barefoot run with my barefoot buddies with our Leader & Coach Mr. Mike Logico. 

This is one of my successful and great race this year! Good memories to treasure, met new friends, helping others and have a healthy lifestyle.

Finishers of Greenfield 21km BAREFOOT RUN

Some Gentlemen in Barefoot Running Philippines

my favorite pose - the jumpshot pose with tongue out expression (labas dila) 

finished the race of 21km barefoot with no injury, no blister at all. Thank you Lord for the guidance, to all my co-barefoot runners for the support. 

Barefoot Runners few kilometers from the starting line.


Some Barefoot Runners at the Greenfield City Run - 21km
their experiences about the race


- Route-Two Thumbs up. Hydration System-Two Thumbs up. Staffs-Two Thumbs up!
Do it Next Year? Ofcourse! Kudos Greentennial and Greenfield for Organizing a Very Nice Event and Thank you for Recognizing the Filipino Barefoot Runners on your Event :)

 -My first ever Barefoot run with my BRP friends.. This shot was taken after Mom Evy, Migs and me crossed the finished line. Though the longest 21k ever... Applied the term here "WALANG IWANAN" ... Next 21k run will be PR...


You can also check Barefoot Running Philippines for updates, running clinic schedules, tips, etc.  Click HERE

Photo Credit: Sarah Navoa, RJ Knight Runner, Sigue Correr Runners, GPR


  1. oh good to see a runner who joined Clean Air run! and barefoot huh - idol! :)

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  2. thank you! I will join in your giveaways eheh :)



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