Thursday, July 12, 2012

LIXIL Corporation to Establish Link to Good Living through American Standard

During an event held at the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati on July 11, 2012, the American Standard announced its plan to significantly widen the range of services by offering products and lifestyle solutions beyond bathroom and kitchen wares, creating a one-stop solution for all construction needs. The company will utilize the resources of LIXIL Corporation, which is the largest building materials and housing equipment manufacturer in Japan and is actually a parent company of the American Standard Asia Pacific.

American Standard Philippines, a trusted provider of bathroom and kitchen solutions, has recently reaffirmed its commitment to closer ties with LIXIL, which will revolutionize the building materials and housing equipment industry in the country.

This initiative will bring quality products and innovative design to every home and establishment in the country. “LIXIL aims for global development focusing on local needs. Based on product technology, design, and quality that we have cultivated in Japan, we will provide housing equipment, which is needed by the local people, and offer safe and comfortable housing, by the hands of talented local staff in each area,” says Toshimasa Iue, CEO of LIXIL Global Company in charge of the LIXIL’s overseas business operations.

With offices established in 31 countries and a workforce of over 75,000, LIXIL Corporation gains its foothold in the ASEAN market through its local partners. LIXIL recently established LIXIL Asia with an aim to integrate subsidiaries that include American Standard Asia Pacific, LIXIL China, LIXIL Korea, and TOSTEM Thai Marketing – Sash Business. It is expected to significantly contribute to the company’s growing business. . “LIXIL plans to expand its sales to US$37.5 billion in FY 2015, of which US$ 12.5 billion will come from overseas sales.  One of the key measures to achieve this target is business development in Asia. In particular, we place high expectations on Product Business in ASEAN countries,” Iue explains.

With LIXIL Asia’s offering of efficient all-in-one packages, American Standard now extends products that range from toilets to tiles, window sashes to wooden doors, flooring materials, and even modular kitchens.
 Its Satis range of smart toilets will redefine the way Filipinos use and enjoy their bathrooms by offering a totally relaxing, touch-less and hygienic toilet experience complete with MP3 playback, auto-mood lighting, auto flush, wash, drying and air purification.  

The Sunwave kitchen line offers optimum ergonomics, ease of use and space maximization that only the Japanese can do best. 
Tostem window sashes offer ultimate sound proofing, heat prevention, humidity control and wind resistance especially for typhoon-prone countries like the Philippines.  

The Ecocarat wall cladding tiles do not only give your home a classy touch, but also control humidity in the vicinity by absorbing moisture during humid times and releasing it when the environment is dry. 

“With the synergy created through the formation of LIXIL Asia, we will be able to fully utilize our existing brands in different market segments, to better meet customers’ emerging and diverse needs,” says CEO Kenneth Ng of LIXIL Asia.

Great things can be expected from LIXIL Corporation based on its long and prominent resume of projects which includes the Tokyo Sky Tree in Japan, the world's tallest broadcasting tower.

This strong tie between American Standard and LIXIL Corporation serves only as a first step to providing homes and offices across the region with the best products and premium solutions.

“This strategic move by LIXIL Corporation puts us one, very significant, step closer to becoming a global leader, based on our continuing rapid growth and profitable financial results in the Asia Pacific region,” Ng says.

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