Sunday, September 9, 2012

Run Review: WWF Reverse the Bad Run 2012

WWF holds it's first ever WWF Reverse the Bad run took off at  5:30am (September 9, 2012)  at the McKinley Hills in Taguig City. Amateurs and elite runners  are there to compete as well as students and earth lovers (environment advocate) gamely took steps backward before surging forward for the  a race that supports World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines' (WWF-Philippines) commitment to reverse the bad in our environment.
The race started with stretching headed by Coach Michelle Estuar

Runners participating the morning exercise before the run started.

We are the first participants who run in 12km categories; where in the the starting line we jogged reverse before running forward. That's my first time to run that way. Excited because everyone participated that way!

The proceeds of this run will go to the Reverse the Bad Student Program which aims to engage the youth in WWF's conservation efforts. The program include areas for dialogue, information drives and environment-themed contests.

WWF-Philippines national ambassadors Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez (ran in 12km category) hosted the event and ran in reverse with  race participants.

I enjoyed this run with my friends and running enthusiasts Mr. Francis Chua, Neil Ong, Sheila, Inah and Lou. And as what the event remind us few days before the race; we bring with us our own water flasks / hydration bottles until the end of the race. 

Nice to see that no disposable bottles in the road in the entire race which other runners also bring their own hydration bottles. Enough signage for the race; marshals and volunteers cheered  the runners, ample water supply in the area and attentive medics in the vicinity.

"We're overwhelmed by the enthusiasm shown by our race participants. This proves that they realize their important role in preserving the environment. We will use this passion to encourage more members in the Reverse the Bad Student Program and convert plans into concrete actions," says Mayj Tolentino, head of WWF-Philippines' Individual Donor Program.

Some winners in the 3km category with officials from WWF, Sketchers, the hosts and "Panda" itself.

Winners of 6km Women and Men Category

Winners of 12km Women and Men Category

Thank you so much for this one of a kind run experience! Until next year!


Photo Credits: Mr. Jack Morales & Mr. Francis Chua

For more WWF Reverse the Run Photos; please visit


  1. This is a very nice effort by WWF in preserving the environment. May this remind us everyday to take care of our mother nature. Kudos to all reverse runner

    1. Thank you Carl! Yes! that's a great idea for the organizers to set a run like this! Our effort to preserve our environment. :)

  2. thnx sis dianne,soobrang enjoy din kami sa run na to,1st tym tumakbo ng pareverse,lalo na kasama ka pa!!!

    1. Thank you Sis Shiela! until next run! Thank you also for accompany me! :0

  3. wow... thanks sis sa special mention to muah! hehehe... feeling special child tuloy ako... hehehe.. kudos! to your blog! Godspeed!

    1. Lou, I'm happy you also enjoyed the race! :)

  4. joining fun runs for a cause has always been fun for me mainly because i usually run w/ my son.... adding to the fun is meeting & greeting all my runner friends... it has always been a fun run cum photo shoot or is it the other way around... kudos to WWF for a wonderful run & also reminding everyone to care for mother nature

    1. Sir Francis, thank you for the time. Nice comment about the WWF! Until next run :)



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