Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Heart and Chiz: The Chezzy Hearts in Public

It's totally true in some sayings that "You can choose anyone you want to love but your heart will be the one to pick the right person for you?" and "Age doesn't matter". In this affair, I might say - Yes! it is true.

But why their affair just pump out few months sooner for the election period? I should say a right timing for booth of them because they are both "single" as of this moment. But there are humors that it's just a gimmick and others believe their feelings are mutual and true.

Booth of them are well-known in their respective profession as Senator Chiz Escudero from a rich family, a Senator with advocacy to help poor people; to enhance the education of students in the country and now a (TV) commercial endorser. While, Heart Evangelista as an actress, a commercial endorser both in print ads and TV. Something in common: they are loved by their followers / fans for sure. If their feelings are true and mutual; good for booth of them. But if this is a gimmick; better to stop it now. Not a good idea for booth parties to hang up on it because their will be different speculations for their respective fans.

This are the articles appear in the internet when I browse it.

This is the conversation in Yehey's Brewing Point live chat with  Chiz Escudero and that time he is running for a Senatorial position.  Will you vote for Chiz Escudero as Senator? 

From Philippines Election Journal, there are post tracking him from his Senatorial position but what are they? You have the right now to judge if he have bills submitted at the Senate?

Every Senator have their own goals that they will contribute in our country, they must have bills to pass and  in return; people will be happy for the outcome of the people they chose and voted. I know Sen. Chiz Escudero is independent and have good things in mind for our country but talk is dead if you will not work for it. I hope before the end of his term, there will be more good news about it. 

If there will be a chance to meet him, I will personally ask what are the things he contributed in our country.  People choose a public servant because they believe on their promises from their campaign, their good motives to enhance or uplift the morale of the people and gain sympathy to vote them. No more talk and promise to the people but on your own. 

I personally check his website as a Senator, his public profile and here is the good news about the accomplishments of his works for the past few years. And I'm happy to browse this one. CLICK ME! But is this is will be a proof about his accomplishment?

As a registered voter, I will think if I will choose him as one of the Senator that I will put on my list. We have our own free will; know what is right and what is wrong. Choose the person you want to vote not because they are on our side or they have good  list of bills to be pass but are we going to benefit from it? If yes, choose them, but remember one thing. Vote wisely!


  1. ok lang naman na sila e. maganda naman si heart at medyo gwaping naman si chiz.

    teka, kasal ba si chiz sa dati nyang asawa? pag oo, hindi ako approve sa kanila ni heart.

  2. I hated Chiz when he appeared on Kris TV. It felt wrong that he would go that low to just get additional exposure. You would obviously think it was for the coming election because the timing was just so.....well..."obvious."

    Add to the fact he then revealed a romantic love affair with Heart Evangelista sometime within his TV co-hosting Kris Aquino.

    There was really no need to know about the Heart romance unless he really wants us to tak about give him an edge for the coming elections in 2013

  3. Chiz came to fame because of the impeachment case of GMA where he was one of the promising young prosecutors of the case. He is one of the best at public speaking and that's probably why he rose to prominence in the Senate. I think I will still vote for him as I'm still going with the adage choose the lesser evil and there's not much choices either but it's good that people continue to challenge his contribution to push him further at doing more in his office.

  4. If sila na nga ok lang rin naman, pero kung dahil lang sa gimik dahil sa nalalapit na eleksyon kaya kumakalat ang rumor na yan, medyo d maganda, what you see is what you get na lang, ika nga tayo na lang ang bahalang humusga kung sila na ba talaga at kung gimik lang ba yan... regarding naman kung dapat pa bang iboto si Chiz, nsa boboto na yan, basta vote wisely na lang...

  5. Okay lang naman na naging sila, medyo "coincidental" lang sa upcoming elections yung timing ng announcement ng status ng relationship nila. Basta sana this coming election, let us think hard and vote wisely for the "right" people. Good luck to Chiz! ;)

  6. well what can i say.. pag puso ang pinagusapan walang tatalo diyan later on na lang magkakaron ng realization kapag may nangyaring hindi maganda. sana maging okay ang takbo ng kanilang relationship at hindi GAMITIN si Heart sa election next year..

  7. Bagay naman silang dalawa, binata at dalaga diba. yung sa cybercrime law oo huwag na siyang pabalikin sa senado mag artista nalang siya...

  8. The love teams with a well known actress whether you like it or not is one that gives advantage when election comes. This has been proven even on first world country , that's why when the politicians have been given a chance or have been accidentally fall and have such relationship they will grab the opportunity and it is just normal. As for his political achievements it is fairly good but needs more major laws to passed and for him. Listening to the voices of the masses I believe, that Chiz should be one of the Senator to be seated once again.

  9. Wow ang chessy naman... Sayang nman si Runner Daniel.



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