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Alleviating the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment by EVOLIFE Products

I've attended the launching of Evolife products last October 24 and met some of the cancer survivors and others are on medication process until now. I listened to their testimonials and what they encountered from the time they knew that they have cancer and how are their   treatment process affect their lives until now.

I'm happy because on this generation, we have medicines to cure some illness and diseases like Cancer for a instance. Long ago, doctors have no medicine for this and many types of cancer didn't detect. But the good news now is more medicines will help and alleviate the side effect of cancer like what Evolife products have to offer.

Rowena Jose
A breast cancer patient, now on its 3rd session for her radiation therapy. "Thank you Evolife and Unilab for helping us".

Ester Lagos
She is diagnosed with Breast Cancer and currently on in her therapy. She shared to us what are her experiences from the time she is diagnose with cancer and how she coup up with it.

Tina Villasis
She underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy, experienced mouth sores and burning sensations on her skin. “The mouth sores were too painful to eat anything so I lost a lot of weight. After my doctor recommended EvoMucy mouth wash the sores disappeared in 3 days for good.This helped me regain my energy as I went through with my treatment. I also used EvoSkin Gel Cream and EvoNail. After using it for a few days, the burning sensation went away and my nails did not blacken at all, unlike other patients undergoing treatment.”

Minda Nimo
She had to undergo radiation therapy. Her friends said it's look like she doesn't have a cancer. 

I had a chance to ask a question after the speakers presentation and I've asked particularly Mr. Michael S. Avelino, Managing Director of Point of Care Solutions, Inc. 

Why do you tie-up particularly in Unilab since there are lots of pharmaceutical company in the country? He answered; " Unilab is the top pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. We have the same effort and vision helping out the people who are in need of medicine products in their diseases. Unilab welling to reduce the products or medicine price in the market. United Laboratories ties the knot with Point of Care Solutions (PCSI) and introduced today Evolife products formulated for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Their partnership started this September only.

Mr. Dante Sibug

As the company’s initial offering, Evolife products deliver the company’s passion and commitment to help cancer patients improve their quality of life.”
Evolife products underwent clinical trials in the Philippines in 2011 and produced very positive results, Avelino added.

In this photo from left: Mr. Michael S. Avelino -  Managing Director of Point of Care Solutions, Inc. and Mr. Dante Sibug - General Manager / Bio-Onco Division of Unilab

 Dra. Analyn Ong-Cornel
Medical Oncologist
She discussed to us some of the symptoms of cancer; some patients who undergo the radiation theraphy and the outcome of the products that patients used with the help of Evolife products. 

EVOLIFE Laboratories engaged in the development and innovation of skin care products for nearly a decade which committed to improve the quality of life of patients during chemotherapy and radiotherapy by limiting specific side effects of cancer treatments and aid recovery.

Products of Evolife: skin products, dental, hair, hygiene and nail products.  For more information about this products; kindly view their  Evolife Website .

Dental Products
EvoMucy mouthwash and spray for mouth sores
EvoLip for chapped or sensitive lips
EvoDry mouth spray to combat mouth and throat dryness
EvoDonto toothpaste for sensitive and irritated gums

Skin Products
EvoSkin Gel Cream and EvoSkin Hydrating Skin Cleanser which provide a unique hydrating solution for skin side effects of cancer therapy such as cracks, dryness and a burning sensation.

Hair Product
EvoCapil hydrating hair spray that calms the scalp and rejuvenates hair follicles to encourage hair re-growth

Hygiene Product 
EvoDeo Deodorant Sprayan alcolohol-free deodorant spray for hypersensitive skin controls hot flashes and excessive sweating.

Nail Product 
EvoNail which helps revitalize darkened, yellow, brittle or cracked nails and restores them to their natural state.

You can also check their Facebook Page at  Point Of Care Solutions Inc

Cancer Support Shop at the CSMC Cancer Center located at 10 Wilson St., Greenhills West, San Juan City.


  1. This is a great information you have provided us Dianne. It is nice to know that cancer patients, some of them our loved ones, can find solace in the fact that there are available products like the ones you enumerated above by EvoLife to alleviate their pain and suffering. Thanks lots and more power.

  2. This is great news for all cancer patients who have to undergo chemotherapy. It's comforting to know that there are products which help ease their pain.

  3. I've heard a lot about EvoLife products... Too bad it's just launched this year, their products could've made my Dad's last days on Earth more comfortable.

    Thanks for writing about Evolife.

    1. The products commercialize in our country and available since 2011 while the tie-up between Evolife and Unilab is this year of September only.

  4. Great news! It's nice to know that new products are coming out to cure cancer. survivors' stories are hope to cancer patients who are presently in pain and suffering.

  5. This is good that there are products like evolife that helps cancer patient manage cancer and helps them in their battle.

  6. The big C is really a big worry for many. I couldn't imagine how I would feel if ever I get this sickness..

    I still believe prevention is better than cure but its really hard to stay healthy with all the temptations available out there. Its simply too hard to resist.

    I hope I don't ever get cancer at all.

  7. These information are really great.Providing Information about products like evolife that helps cancer patients to manage their diseases is such a great idea dianne.

  8. Oh these are great products! I didn't know about EVOLIFE before, thanks for sharing. I will mention this to friends who will benefit much from this.

  9. Thanks for the nice writeup. It really makes a difference if people realize that Chemo is not as miserable an experience as it is purported to be. There are a lot of things we can offer nowadays

  10. I really like reading through an article that has something to do with treating cancer. Thanks for sharing this. Just a question, does EVOLIFE works well with cancer patients that are undergoing alternative treatment prostate cancer to be exact.



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