Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winner of Run for Juan Race Kit

Thank you everyone for joining my Valentine's contest.

As I promised, I will choose the comment that have the most unforgettable experience with their love one. I have one here. Don't worry guys, there will be next time. 

And the winner is :

Julius B. Romero
My most memorable valentine experienced is when i was in Batad Banaue. The girl that I dreamed was with me and I assisted her while she was having an hard time with her asthma. And this happened when we were doing mountain trek. I was able to give my back for her to be relaxed. Even though I was climbing Batad stairs I demonstrate my strength for her not to worry. I sweat big time while climbing. She feel better when I carrying her at my back. I think it was 1 point for me as pogi point. After that Batad 3 months she became my Girl and I called her Miel which means Sweetheart. By the way Miel is a spanish term.

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