Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hydration is the Secret to a Great Workout

People are passionate about fitness this day. Every day, you can see more and more people jogging, running, dancing, and joining a gym. There are more gyms today than at any other time in history. People, no matter how busy their days are, always manage to squeeze in a work out. People have taken such an active role in their fitness regimen that sometimes it is frustrating when one doesn't get results.

While reevaluating your fitness regimen is important, it is more critical for you to ask this question: Am I hydrating enough?

Hydration is the most overlooked gem in today’s fitness culture.

60% of your body is made up of water and working out causes you to lose a huge amount. The American College of Sports Medicine notes that drinking water helps the proper functioning of the joints and body tissues, the regulation of body temperature, and the transportation of nutrients. 

And just like a well-oiled machine, water is what gets joints moving. Water is what helps strengthen your muscles and make it more flexible, which are both vital in the overall effectiveness of a workout.The goal is to allow your body to reach the perfect state of hydration.

Helping you reach this goal is 100PLUS. 

100PLUS is the only drink in the market to help you achieve a perfect state of hydration called an isotonic solution, which helps you stay hydrated while working out.

100PLUS is a lightly carbonated isotonic drink that regulates not only the water in our body, but also contains essential nutrients that are crucial in our hydration, such as sodium, chloride, phosphate, and calcium. In addition, the light fizz adds to the refreshment.

With 100PLUS, you can now go all out on your workout without the fear of dehydration. It is the fuel your workout needs to give you the results you deserve. 


About 100PLUS
Made for the active individual, 100PLUS Hydration Drink replenishes lost body fluids during intense workouts, heat exhaustion, and other strenuous activities. It contains carbohydrates, minerals, and electrolytes that a person needs to push harder when the going gets tough. With a light and revitalizing taste that’s carbonated to maximize refreshment, 100PLUS comes in 3 revitalizing flavors: Orange Blast, Lemon Lime, and Original. For more information, visit100PlusPhilippines.

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