Sunday, October 28, 2012

Special Photo Shoot with Semerad twins and Down to Mars for Chef’s Noodle

Despite of  the heavy rain, a special photo shoot is done last Thursday, October 25, 2012 at Elite Studio, 3rd floor, A. Venue Mall, in Makati Avenue, Makati City.

Featuring hardcourt hotties Anthony and David Semerad and fast-rising inter-pop group Down to Mars, Chef’s Noodle has exclusively invited bloggers for this unique event wherein Doc Marlon Pecjo is the featured photographer. 

 Anthony and David Semerad (uh! and I'm in the middle :)

Having recently opened its first branch in the country, Chef’s Noodle is now excited to present another fun event for its fans which features two of its latest endorsers, the Semerad twins as well as the country’s first inter-pop music group, Down to Mars.

Some of the members of DOWN TO MARS

Treat your tummies and enjoy the true taste of Korea with these Chef’s Noodle specialties like the:
  • bibimbap (traditional Korean steamed rice with seasoned vegetables, beef, and egg)
bulgogi leek jun (deep fried bacon sliced beef with leeks mixed with eggs and seasoned vegetables) 

the restaurant’s signature dish, Chef’s Noodle (Korean fresh noodles with beef and anchovy broth topped with leeks, bean sprouts, fried tofu, spring onion, red pepper, egg roll and bulgogi)
  • bulgogi leek kimbap (seaweed rice rolls with beef and leeks), curry dupbap (or Curry Donburi Warm rice topped with beef curry and seasoned vegetables), and many more! With prices set at P95 and up, sampling the Chef’s Noodle menu is sure to fit any budget.

Being two of the most popular hardcourt celebrities right now, the Semerad twins make for exciting additions to Chef’s Noodle’s lineup of celebrity endorsers as well as the presence of the country’s first inter-pop group, Down to Mars, who, with their varied musical backgrounds and artistic influences have created a unique type of music that has created a buzz especially among the youth.

Already endorsed by celebrity chef Choi In Sun and model/host Grace Lee, Chef’s Noodle is the latest Korean franchise to have entered the local food industry and is already making a name for itself through its fast casual style, mouthwatering menu, and affordable price points.

Having already set up shop in University Mall along Taft Avenue, Chef’s Noodle offers a smorgasbord of Korean dishes that are sure to entice not just fans of K-pop and Korean cuisine in general, but anyone who can appreciate good food.

Bring your friends and loved ones along and get to enjoy a delightful dining experience from one of Korea’s most popular restaurant chains!

Visit Chef’s Noodle’s branches

2nd floor of University Mall, Taft Avenue, Manila  
Call:  7089520 / 405012

ground floor of Atlanta Center, Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan 
Call: 2340266 / 2340840

For more details about Chef's Noodle, visit:

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