Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm back and my site is getting better

Hello everyone! 
I miss you all. Been busy at work, blogging and other stuffs. By the way, thank you for following my blog.
I will be launching my newest blog and for its launching, I will be giving you prize. Oh, by the way, who loves Korean food or burgers? Want to create your own burger? 
Here are the simple mechanics to follow:
Like my blog:
Like my facebook fanpage:
Follow me: Twitter
Like Chef's Noodle Facebook Page:
Like Brgr: The Burger Project Taft:
Watch out for my upcoming blog: (probably next week)
and answer this question:
What food you like most and why? Choose from Chef's Noodle or BRGR: BURGER PROJECT and get a prize. 

NOTE: Please answer in the COMMENT BOX Below together with your NAME, Email Address and Facebook name for easy access. Thank you.

1 winner for Chef's Noodle Gift Certificate worth Php 500

1 winner for BRGR: Burger Project Gift Certificate worth Php 450

winners will be announce on Saturday. Hurry! join this contest now. 

NOTE: Please answer in the COMMENT BOX Below together with your NAME, Email Address and Facebook name for easy access. Thank you.

Disclamer: This contest is hosted by me only.


  1. Post your answer here together with your name, email address,facebook id. Thank you :)

  2. I like BRGR: Burger Project. Their burgers are beefy and have veggies. Mouth watering goodness. =)

  3. i want to create my own burger from BRGR: The Burger Project! :)
    berylle hong
    FB: berylle kaye hong

  4. I want BRGR: The Burger Project! I love burgers! :D

  5. the food that i liked most are burgerssss!
    coz it's yummmmy and pleases our taste buds and certain cravings for sugar and carbs. also, its big chunks of meat covered in sauces. excelente!


    NAME: yani custodio
    Email Address:
    Facebook name: ynny cee/ arriane custdoio

  6. wow, that's one huge burger... can it fit in one's mouth? hahaha. Yahweh bless.

  7. I like BRGR Project because it was one of the best burger in town.
    Facebook: JayneMarieWu

  8. I want the Chef's Noodle because I want to taste korean food
    Rolly Rosqueta

  9. I like BURGER PROJECT because you get a bigger burger compared with other burgers in town plus you can also customize your own burger according to your preferences of ingredients :)

    Name: Sophia Cabantog
    Email address:
    Facebook Name: Sophia Maglunog Cabantog

  10. oohh, really hard! I'm a KPOP fanatic plus loving their dishes really bad. But for food adventure, my bf doesn't like eating korean food, so my decision is split in two. I would just go for the Burger Project! :)

    name: theresa montino
    fb name: theresa montino

    thanks! :)

  11. I want the CHEF's NOODLE GC ate dianne! :D I love korean food! Please let me win ;))

    Name: Victor Cruz
    Fb name: same as Name- Victor Cruz pa din :)

  12. I liked BIG BIG Burger!!!!
    It'Super Duper Yummy and makes ME Wild.


    NAME: John Paul Lipardo
    Email Address:
    Facebook name:

  13. The food I liked most is Chef's Noodle because I love everything! Everything about Korean or any Asian thing that talks about their culture specifically music, lifestyle and most especially FOOD :) It'll be an honor to try Chef's Noodle. I haven't tried eating there yet.

    Name: Clare Justine Perez
    Email Address:
    Facebook Name:

  14. I like the Chef's Noodle because I love Korean dishes. One of my favorite is their bulgogi and pajeon. I hope I could win! :)

    Mary Gold dela Cruz
    FB Name: Goldy dela Cruz

  15. I'm a sucker for burgersssssssssss..
    I want to create a big sumptuous burger for me, myself and I lol! ^_^ I wanna try THE BURGER PROJECT :)

    Yani Metrado
    FB Name: Yani Metrado

  16. I sooo love Korean Foods! Japchae, Bibimbap, Kimchi, Bulgogi, Korean Braised Beef, the best!


    Dexter Ignacio
    Astroboy Runner

    1. Thank you everyone who joined this contest. Until next round of food contest. :)



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